Weekly musing #22 - Troubleshooting, buildbot

Bitcoin ABC

I found a partial solution to ABC issue 80, which is a problem of pre-fork transactions showing up with wrong dates after import of private keys from older wallets.

Transaction dates are assigned using a selection of heuristics during a re-scan, some of which produce very strange (wrong) results. A workaround to some of these problems was described by user 'dooglus' in Core issue 6662. However, it does not solve all problems. I'm looking at the wallet code to familiarize myself with it.

Other small fixes are being made in preparation for next release.


I've looked at the buildbot software, which deadalnix mentioned a few times.

It seems a great fit for ABC's (and the wider Bitcoin Cash clients) testing needs.

We could set up a structure of master servers and people could contribute worker instances on various platforms.

I am in the process of setting up some hosted servers (a build master and worker for starters) which should be able to run builds and perform tests.

Incidentally, the ZCash project is also using buildbot, with Amazon Web Services. We might look at that later on. For the beginning I think we can run workers on our own dedicated servers.

Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Unlimited has tagged BUcash v1.1.1.1 , which should be out shortly. A great set of changes.

For some reason my OSX gitian build for BU is broken (SSL certificate problems with curl).