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I'm freetrader (ftrader on github, gitgud and Reddit), a fervent fan of freedom - in software, markets, currencies and communication.

Right now, I'm very much interested in successful on-chain scaling of Bitcoin, mostly through the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash arose out of the desire to hard fork Bitcoin as a way of upgrading and getting more capacity and growth back into Bitcoin. I share the same vision for Bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world as initially put forth by the BTCfork community.

I can usually be found in the development Slacks of BTCfork and various Bitcoin implementations [1], on Bitcoin- and cryptocurrency-related forums [2], and you can contact me by email if you need.

My PGP key ID is C07A7C345E86B06C, and the fingerprint is CC32 9A4F B0E4 1392 8295 05FE C07A 7C34 5E86 B06C.

I'm a member of Bitcoin Unlimited and my BU signing address is 1Libre7MGkCXr7pUAEbwihCR9X4quYAyQ4.

I'm on Memo - my profile is .

Ask for signature proof if you think someone is impersonating me, and please notify me if you find someone pretending to be me.



[3] Why hard forks?